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Motion or Zoneminder - its up to your needs/computer

You can make easily cost-friendly (free) and stable cam surveillance system (24/7) by yourself.
Its preferable to have infrared IP Network cam(s) for day/night use. Normal usb webcam will do also (like Logitech C300 or so.)

a) ZoneMinder
b) Motion
c) ContaCam for Windows in case you're not a linux-fan

Be your own master - set up webserver

Have you ever thought of hosting own webserver? I suggest installing Abyss Web Server. It's very easy and fast to use with same capabilities as well-known Apache does. Naturally you need realtime log analyzer for your server. Then you should give a try for GoAccess.

Take care of your stuff - make regular backups

You might have done long hours to finetuning your computer settings, so why not ensure your work kept safe?
As long as your computer works fine, your ok...remember to take regular backup copies of your files, folders and whole system. Backup your linuxbox with Remastersys.
Ever heard about Clonezilla ? Well, it's good to have in your admin "toolbox". How long it does take to install windows with all updates & upgrades & drivers etc.? I bet you count it as hours! Once you're done & satisfied with your OS (whatever), just learn to use it. It really saves your ass someday!

Safer surfing - get VPN connection

Choose VPN-service for your own taste List of VPNs by School of Privacy

Install Tor Browser Bundle

Just surf to TOR-Project

Android-phone: Encrypt your data, messages etc...

I found this app from googleplay-store S.S.E Encryption Send/share secured messages with your friends via sms, twitter, facebook etc. Make secured calls via wifi/data plan with RedPhone

Wiping your harddisk before selling your computer etc.

From linux Live-Cd...In my case i want to execute low-level format. My disk is /dev/hda. Open terminal and use dd-command to write randomly 0's and 1's onto it. It takes long time (maybe hours) to wipe done (depending on HDD size). My Asus EEEPC with 16 GB hdd and 1 GHz CPU takes 1 hr 50 mins.

dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/hda bs=1M

Another way to do it, is using DBAN

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